About Us

Our History

Alhamdullillah 1988 saw the birth and establishment of Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr in Johannesburg, South Africa with the mashwarah and advice of senior Ulama (Hazrat ML. Abdul Gaffar Nadwi, Hafez Dawood Daya, ML. Ismail Abdul Razzack, ML. Cassim Sema and ML. Mohammed Hassim R.A.) and some local prominent ulema aiming to fulfil the heartfelt dream of educating and addressing the needs of those entering the fold of Islam as well as muslims facing the challenges of having non-muslim family or tribal members. Alhamdullilah, since our humble beginning with only 3 students, the MAdressah has grown and currently accommodates 70 full-time students and an additional 35 part-time students who are at Ikhlaas Mussallah, Jappestown. These learners hail from South Africa and 16 other neighbouring African countries. The Madressa complex which is situated between Marshall, Main, Kerk and Hout Street, Jeppestown encompasses a masjid, hostel, kitchen, dining hall and accommodation for staff and their families.
Our Aim:
The prime aim of Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr is to fulfil the existing needs of those entering the fold of Islam who are mostly from lower income communities and face numerous social, economics or other challenges such as poverty, mixed marriages, broken homes and abandonment. These individuals are also continuously subjected to misleading information about Islam. Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr aims to provide a high standard of education to its students so as to ensure the continual propagation of Islam in their communities. As a result of these conditions. it is understandable that most of our students are confirmed Zakkat recipients.

Our Achievements:
Up to the end of the year 2011, Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr has produce 60 Hafiz ul Quraan, many of whom went on to study further and completed Aalimiyat courses at various Darul Ulooms or obtained higher educational levels at other tertiary institutions. Alhamdulillah, this clearly demonstrates and shows the success of Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr accomplishing the mandate and vision envisaged by its founders and board of trustees.
Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr has also been blesses to receive many eminent Akaabireen & learned scholars from around the world.